Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Project

Loving my studded blazer I was googleing gold studs and was blown away when I found the Fall 2007 RTW Givenchy collection. It's amazing!

< align="center">Studded Trench - Givenchy 2007
Studded Trench
< align="center">Studded Maxi Givenchy 2007
Studded Maxi
< align="center">studded jacket - Givenchy 2007
Crazy Amazing Studded Jacket
< align="center">mk studded
MK looks so good in this jacket!
< align="center">mk studs
< align="center">mk studded jacket - Givenchy 2007
MK's jacket on the catwalk
So... after searching for extremely large gold studs to DIY I went to
Studs and Spikes and bought some 1 inch gold pyramid studs! I'm so excited to get studding! I thinking studded maxi and leather jacket - punk style of course!
Pics from:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blaze of Gold....

My dad a few weeks ago gave me his white suit (yes, very 70s) because he was going through his clothes and thought that he would never wear it again. Being a fan of white blazers I was very excited to be given it! They are very classic but can be worn with different things to modernise them.
I think my love of white blazers probably came from seeing Chloƫ Sevigny wear them many times:

Anyway I had ordered some gold studs from and really wanted to do a DYI with them. So when I was thinking about how I would accessorize the white blazer I suddenly thought of studding the collar!

A favourite blogger of my Cocorosa greatly inspired me in the idea as she had already studded a blazer, which turned out amazing!

This is how mine turned out:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life in Pop Art

This week being inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein in Art class i pulled out my 'one teaspoon' singlet that has a comic style print.

I'd bought a massive sequin bow at my local dollar store and thought i'd give it a wirl. I tried to create an outfit around the quirkyness of the top and bow into a style that demonstated the 'classic cool' of pop art but was still contemporary.
Bow - Hot Dollar, Glasses - Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Rings - Sportsgirl / City Beach,
Lace Leotard - Supre, Singlet - One Teaspoon
I don't know whether i would wear this outside of my house? I think I would get many stares.

I really love the comic on the singlet, it reads:

Man thinking: "How can I tell her -- I will never see her again--!"

Woman thinking: " He loves me, he loves me, he loves me!.."

BUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN?... will he leave her? will she tell him she loves him? Well you'll have to use your imagination!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gone Gaga....

Last friay night I was lucky enough to be able to go and see Lady Gaga support the Pussycat Dolls world tour when they were in Sydney!

The concert was amazing! I love Lady Gaga and was sooo excited to see her live. I had fun with the rest of the crowd singing/screaming along to the lyrics!
In the spirit of all things GAGA a week before the concert i decided to dress up for fun. I took inspiration from her style and took some photos, this is how it turned out:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Costumes and Theme Parties!

Last weekend I went to 2 themed birthday parties! The first as you know was "fantasy" and the second was "European".

Making my mermaid costume was a bit rushed as I made my own pattern and finished the costume in only 2 afternoons. I think it turned out really well, as lots of people commented on it. The blue shiny top is a strapless leotard and my tail was a pencil shirt with crazy ruffles at the hem. I was also inspired by the Romance Was Born dress I've already mentioned in an older post I thought I would pose similarly.....

A few people at the party thought that I was Disney's "Little Mermaid" despite not having red hair...

My second party was "European" so I decided to go as a parisian lady. I would of totally gone as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's but its not really very European, even though I identify her style with parisian fashions from that era. I didn't go too over board with costuming having put all my rushed time into being a proper mermaid, so just wore a simple black dress, Chanel Scarf (not real Chanel), beret and cigarette holder.

dress - Sportsgirl, beret - borrowed, scarf - Thailand market

Not really being able to dress as Holly Golightly I specially bought a cigarette holder, as it reminds me of her character and Paris ladies:
With 2 costume parties it was a pretty fun weekend!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mermaids... Mermaids

do you have mermaid parties beneath the sea? (am I invited?)

at these mermaid parties do you smoke seaweed? (if so, then how do you light it?)

are you the answer to a drunken sailor's lonely wish? (shhh)

or are you an optical illusion caused by a woman sitting on a rock, holding half a fish? (half a shapely halibut)

(Flight of the Conchords, ep. 9)

Tomorrow I am going to a 'fantasy' theme 18th. After a trip to the costume hire store decided that I could sew a costme for half the price and be able to keep it, sooo... I am making a mermaid costume.

I have been inspired by many mermaid formal dresses as well as the normal sequin costumes:

I've decided to make a leotard and then a sequin skirt with poofy tuelle to go over the top..oh the fun of looking like a weirdo! This is the front of the leotard so far and the fabric for the skirt ..

Also thought I'd post what I wore today...
Info: Jacket - Valley Girl, Dress - DYI, Slip - Sportsgirl, Bag - Sportsgirl, Tights - Myer,
Pearls - DYI...
This is my new handbag... i really love it !

Friday, May 1, 2009

Aussie Fashion Week 0 Niner

This week it has been Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and I would say that my 2 picks would have to be.. Karla Spetic and Romance Was Born.

Karla Spetic..

Satin floral leggings! They are amazing! Although the model looks a bit stunned in the photo I love this look. Feminine with pinks and florals and masculine with the tailored jacket.

Crochet mini dress and in black too! The black looks really good against the model's blonde hair.. the style is almost summery, something that you could wear to the beach but because of the dark colour I would wear this number out at night.I love the simplicity of this dress, the classic colour and the silhouette the dress creates. I also love the cut away shoulders!

Romance Was Born...

I really like the quirkyness of Romance Was Born!

Their unique fabrics and styles .. they are so different to what everyone else is showing

In this look I love the massive hair! and the colour of the fabric she almost looks like a mermaid.

I really love white lace. Although it reminds me of 1980s wedding dresses and young Madonna I really have a soft spot for it. Photo Credit:

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Week That Was...

Just updating some outfits that I wore to work experience last week.
The week went soo fast and was a lot of fun. I learnt so much about the business side of a fashion house, and just enjoyed being in an environment with such fashionable people.
I was able to meet Sarah Jane and Heidi who were both really lovely. All the girls that worked in the head office were very supportive of the brand, wearing Sass & Bide clothes every day. It gave a really great feel to the company , like that were all one big family. So it was really nice to be part of that even for one week. With Sydney Fashion Week this week I helped out with the preparation of the invitations to all the fashion socialites of Aus, and helped organise the samples of the current season of clothing. Something else that I got to do was sew silver stars on a Union Jack tee that was to be photographed for a shoot to be in Grazia, very exciting!

I tried to wear something each day that I had made: One Day1 I wore: Slouch Alert!
black zebra leotard (handmade by me), leather skirt (koom), boots (target), gold jacket (vintage), studded clutch (peter alexander)...
You probably can't see the detail of the leotard but the zebra fabric is lycra, the front neckline has a sequin trim and the centre back also has a sequin finish with a box pleat.. to add a bit of sparkle.
On Day2 I wore:

Boots (target.. outfit repeat.. they're my fav boots!), lace jacket (vintage), tassel tank dress (hand dyed and tasselled)
This the tank dressed that I tie dyed with rocks. It turned out really well beause the rings that the rocks created were uneven and not perfect, the look that I was aiming for. Sass & Bide have a few garments in their current season that are embellished by tassels. This idea I tried to recreate by sewing a V of tassels down the centre front.

studded cuff (vintage), peace sign (hawaii), pearls (hand strung)

Wow! Watch the tassels go!

I've also had my hair done since my last outfit post.. it is a lot blonder.

Day3 I wore:
Tassel Tie Dyed Tee (hand dyed and tasselled)
This tee is the shirt from the previous post that I Tie Dyed using black dye. As you can see the colours that were creater were: black, plurple and blue.. with the white stripes created from the places where the rubber bands were tied.
I didn't take any photos from the last 2 days of the week as I ran out of time.. The photos were taken in a really nice park inbetween the bus stop and the hotel I stayed in, quite nice scenery for the busy city.
Wow.. really long post!
Hope guys enjoyed The Week That Was.. because I did!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tie Dye Retro Chic...

Tie dyeing! For my week with Sass and Bide I wanted to wear some of my own designed clothes but wanted them to be similar to SnB style... so i decided to get out the rubber bands, t-shirts, dresses and tanks for some diy-ing!
I used black dye on white fabric, but created different prints from different techniques. As you can see from all of the photos. To make circles you tie rubber bands from a 'point' on the fabric.. so the middle point in the circle is the point that you tied first. Then if you want more rings around the circle, tie more rubber bands below the places you've already tied... I hope that makes sense!

Both of these tops were white but now are black/blue/purple just from using black dye. The tee on the left I cut tassels up to the waist. It turned up quite well! The tank is just a Bonds Chesty Singlet but looks quite different after dyeing. I also dyed a tank dress using rocks and rubbers bands! But only have a photo of me wearing it.. which I will definitely post next time!

My inspiration: Sass and Bide on the catwalk! love it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sass & Work Experience

This week I have been in Sydney doing work experience at Sass & Bide! I've been taking outfit photos but will wait until I get home to download them from my computer rather than put them on from an internet cafe. Sass & Bide has been really interesting as I am able to see how the head office of a big design house works.. as in: the Design team, PR, Sales and Financing + I also have been able to meet Sarah-Jane which was very exciting!
I'l try to continue to post about things during the week, but it will depend how busy I am.

Tonight I'm also going to see the musical of "Guys and Dolls" which will be exciting. I'm sure I'll love all of the costumes and have all of the songs stuck in my head.

Photo Credits:
check out their website their clothes are amazing!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello to all you bloggers and fellow lovers of fashion. I am creating this blog to express my adoration of fashion with outfit post of clothes that are vintage, new and clothes that I have designed and hand made.
I'm Holly and I would say that my fashion taste can't really be categorized by a single style or look. My tastes change constantly as I love clashing styles, for example anything floral and feminine with say studs and leather.
When I finish school I hope to study fashion and create my own label. Fashion has always been something that was special to me as a young girl in primary school I knew even then that I wanted to spend my life around it. As a teenager I use my love and inspirations of fashion to standout from the crowd and have an individual look.
Tie dye is a favourite style of mine. Anything tie dye I see ends up in my wardrobe whether I really need it or not.

Both this dress and this necklace are favourites of mine at the moment so I can see many outfit repeats with both of them.
Well that is all from me.. talk to you again soon!
Outfit Details:
Blue Jacket - Sydney Markets
Knitted Striped Top - Mum's from the 70's
White Belt - Sportsgirl
Tie Dye Dress - Sportsgirl
White Tee - Sportsgirl
Peace Sign Necklace -Shop in Hawaii
Black Beads Necklace - City Beach, Surfers Paradise