Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mermaids... Mermaids

do you have mermaid parties beneath the sea? (am I invited?)

at these mermaid parties do you smoke seaweed? (if so, then how do you light it?)

are you the answer to a drunken sailor's lonely wish? (shhh)

or are you an optical illusion caused by a woman sitting on a rock, holding half a fish? (half a shapely halibut)

(Flight of the Conchords, ep. 9)

Tomorrow I am going to a 'fantasy' theme 18th. After a trip to the costume hire store decided that I could sew a costme for half the price and be able to keep it, sooo... I am making a mermaid costume.

I have been inspired by many mermaid formal dresses as well as the normal sequin costumes:

I've decided to make a leotard and then a sequin skirt with poofy tuelle to go over the top..oh the fun of looking like a weirdo! This is the front of the leotard so far and the fabric for the skirt ..

Also thought I'd post what I wore today...
Info: Jacket - Valley Girl, Dress - DYI, Slip - Sportsgirl, Bag - Sportsgirl, Tights - Myer,
Pearls - DYI...
This is my new handbag... i really love it !


  1. ooh how magical haha
    be sure to post a picture once you are finished

  2. oh sportsgirl did that bag - looks a bit chanel "inspired" haha. great outfit!