Friday, May 15, 2009

Costumes and Theme Parties!

Last weekend I went to 2 themed birthday parties! The first as you know was "fantasy" and the second was "European".

Making my mermaid costume was a bit rushed as I made my own pattern and finished the costume in only 2 afternoons. I think it turned out really well, as lots of people commented on it. The blue shiny top is a strapless leotard and my tail was a pencil shirt with crazy ruffles at the hem. I was also inspired by the Romance Was Born dress I've already mentioned in an older post I thought I would pose similarly.....

A few people at the party thought that I was Disney's "Little Mermaid" despite not having red hair...

My second party was "European" so I decided to go as a parisian lady. I would of totally gone as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's but its not really very European, even though I identify her style with parisian fashions from that era. I didn't go too over board with costuming having put all my rushed time into being a proper mermaid, so just wore a simple black dress, Chanel Scarf (not real Chanel), beret and cigarette holder.

dress - Sportsgirl, beret - borrowed, scarf - Thailand market

Not really being able to dress as Holly Golightly I specially bought a cigarette holder, as it reminds me of her character and Paris ladies:
With 2 costume parties it was a pretty fun weekend!


  1. Ah loving the mermaid costume! I wish I was creative xoxox

  2. yeahhh the mermaid outfit is awsome :)