Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Project

Loving my studded blazer I was googleing gold studs and was blown away when I found the Fall 2007 RTW Givenchy collection. It's amazing!

< align="center">Studded Trench - Givenchy 2007
Studded Trench
< align="center">Studded Maxi Givenchy 2007
Studded Maxi
< align="center">studded jacket - Givenchy 2007
Crazy Amazing Studded Jacket
< align="center">mk studded
MK looks so good in this jacket!
< align="center">mk studs
< align="center">mk studded jacket - Givenchy 2007
MK's jacket on the catwalk
So... after searching for extremely large gold studs to DIY I went to
Studs and Spikes and bought some 1 inch gold pyramid studs! I'm so excited to get studding! I thinking studded maxi and leather jacket - punk style of course!
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