Monday, June 29, 2009

Blaze of Gold....

My dad a few weeks ago gave me his white suit (yes, very 70s) because he was going through his clothes and thought that he would never wear it again. Being a fan of white blazers I was very excited to be given it! They are very classic but can be worn with different things to modernise them.
I think my love of white blazers probably came from seeing Chloƫ Sevigny wear them many times:

Anyway I had ordered some gold studs from and really wanted to do a DYI with them. So when I was thinking about how I would accessorize the white blazer I suddenly thought of studding the collar!

A favourite blogger of my Cocorosa greatly inspired me in the idea as she had already studded a blazer, which turned out amazing!

This is how mine turned out:


  1. gorgeous! love how it turned out... my studding is never that straight haha xoxo

  2. that turned out fairly nicely indeed :)
    yeah that cocorosa is a genius.

    love the chloe pics too.

  3. I randomly came across your blog and I just love how you put gold studs onto your blazer. It really stands out with the white and still classy :] I adore it.